The Seven Gates of Hell


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Countless small towns across the United States have urban legends. Details often mutate over the years creating some fantastic stories. One such story tells of  a place known as the “Seven Gates of Hell” in the twisted back roads of Collinsville, Illinois. So are these gates just a string of creepy abandoned overpasses or could they be conduits of the supernatural?

First, some background information is in order. Most of the gates are decommissioned railroad bridges. Collinsville is a very hilly former mining town and to get trains through the trees and over roads or pathways, the overpasses were built. It’s unclear how long some have been there, but most sources suggest the late 1800s. Since that time, the gates have starred in countless tales of hangings, occult rituals, and plenty of other assorted evil. Its dark, out-of-the-way location and the increasingly dilapidated look of the gates make them prime locations for lore. This in mind, I sought out the gates in January. Here are my findings…

The Legends of the Gates

Gate 1: When you travel down Lebanon Road, just outside any signs of town, you come across the first gate. I’ve heard no major legends or stories about this specific gate. It has a minimal creep factor, probably due to its proximity to town.  A trip through this gate left me with nothing to report.

Gate 2: Just after Gate 1 you have to keep your eyes open and make a left hand turn or you will miss Gate 2 and skip to Gates 3 and 4. There are a few gate2legends about this gate. One tells the story of a young African American child being chased through a wooded area by the KKK, who eventually hangs him from the gate. There are conflicting reports about this, even among lore websites. Other stories say that the young man was killed by a friend for the love of a girl. Others still, claim the young man hanged his friend and, in a moment of regret, hanged himself. Whatever the reason, it is said that around midnight you can see a young boy swaying in the wind hanging from the gate. Some believe he waits there to waive you through to the next Gate.

I have been through this gate numerous times and have not seen a thing. On this day in January 2012, I found nothing new. The legends are very creepy and sad (if there’s any truth to them), but tellings of the paranormal here seem to be false. I have read that these are merely rumors made up by a man doing a social experiment. I personally have no evidence to discuss.

Gates 3 and 4: These are known as the “Twin Gates.” After you go through Gate 2, just continue driving and you will come across some overpass ruins and the road runs parallel to the current railroad tracks. You have to take the very next right and be careful, it is a little tricky. Gate 3 is immediate and when you pass through you will be in a valley of sorts. I recommend pulling over as far as possible and be as close to the middle of gates 3 and 4 a possible. Get out and look around for a moment, keep your ears open and stay alert. The Legend of the gates 3 and 4 are good and creepy. Rumors of satanic rituals of animal sacrifice are said to have been going on since the 1970s.

gate3ad4When my friend Derek and I stopped here between gates 3 and 4 we got out of the car to look around a little. Being in this area at any time makes me feel a little sick and like I am being watched. The strange thing is: everything goes silent, all you hear is running water. If you are stopped in the middle there is a little creek or quarry on both sides. Coming from Gate 3 on your right side is an overgrown dumping ground. The other side was littered with animal remains. We were standing next to the car ready to move on to the next gate when we heard a car coming. The car sounded like is was coming toward gate 4 moving towards us and it was coming fast. We jumped in the car and slowly went through gate 4, but no car. There was nothing, we both heard a car coming and get extremely close to us, the sound just disappeared. Pulling through gate 4 I noticed a white trash bag lying off to the side of the road. When I pulled even closer, it has the remains of what looked like a baby calf. I am not sure what to think about a baby calf in a bag at gate 4, but it’s eerily consistent with the legend. I felt watched the entire time.

Before we get to Gate 5, I would like to say a few words about the house directly after gate 4. It has been called the “Death House,” and is said to be haunted and used for satanic rituals. There is a sign on the fence that says “STAY OUT!” Please listen, someone does live there and I am sure they have had enough with the Legend of the Seven Gates of Hell, for goodness sake it says STAY OUT!

Gate 5:  A pretty good distance from Gate 4 you may lose interest in the journey, unless you’re like me and you need to get through them all. Gate 5 seems to be the most narrow of the gates and is the longest.
Gate 6: There is some confusion among out-of-towners regarding the distinction between Gate 6 and a different gate known as “Acid Bridge.” I have been togate6 Acid Bridge many times and it is not on Lebanon Road. Nonetheless, Acid Bridge and Gate 6 often share legends. One legend says two youngsters were driving through the back roads, tripping on acid and they lost control of their car and either hit gate 6 or drove off Acid Bridge, killing them instantly. If it happened at gate 6 I would expect some sort of evidence of a car accident or at least more safety signs or something. Legend says you can go to gate 6 or Acid Bridge and see a “ghost car” recreating the horrific event.

Nothing happened to me. Gate 6 came and went with no evidence of a car accident. The electrical poles leading to the gate actually tell the tale of the two youngsters. Someone spray painted words on all the poles, its pretty cool!

Gate 7: This, they say, is the gate that leads to Hell. By this point you will be nearly in the town of Troy, Illinois (perhaps the people of Collinsville think Troy is hell?). Legend states that if you go through every gate in order at midnight, upon passing through Gate 7, a portal to Hell will open and you will be greeted by “Hell Hounds.” Barring that, some say repeat the order in reverse ending with Gate 1 and then you will see the hounds or a portal will tear into reality so you can get a glimpse into the Lake of Fire.

But don’t run. The hounds will get you.

Derek and I went through Gate 7. Nothing happened. I was happy to see someone spray painted the number of the gate on top. We did drive back through all the gates and ended at Gate 1. We didn’t see Hell, exactly, we only saw our trip in reverse. Of course, the rules are to do this at midnight, and we did not. You can decide for yourself if that may have been a factor.
To conclude this tale, I will tell you that the Seven Gates of Hell are extremely creepy, especially Gates 3 and 4, but that’s it. Huge on the creep factor. The thing I will never understand about the gates and most urban legends is, why midnight? If it has anything to do with the supernatural or Hell it should all go down at 3 AM. That is the witching hour my friends, that is supposed to be the most active time for the supernatural.

So, do I believe in the Seven Gates, no I do not? I do recommend checking them out for nothing more than the creep factor. Please be careful, the roads are dangerous and do it when it’s nice weather. Be safe out there and here are directions if your brave enough.



I’m starting the Journey from Collinsville to Troy and back again. I’m only including the seven gates. If you’re starting from Troy, reverse the directions and go opposite ways (it says right, you go left). Now, I give this information on the honor system, so please, remember a few things:

Drive carefully, there are a lot of turns, sharp curves, and a couple of hairpin turns on the roads back there. Some of the roads have drop off sides of a good ten feet and some of them are not much more than loose gravel. BE ALERT & CAREFUL! We don’t need YOU joining the legend, okay?
Drive SOBER! The road’s a might tricky to drive correctly sober, don’t make it worse by driving it hopped up on booze, drugs, or any other mind altering substance.

Drive cautiously and watch for other drivers. Even in the old country days there were still SOME people living out there on the roads and now there are more. Don’t speed through and slam into someone.

Don’t bother people’s homes. Okay so the story says the house is haunted or had blood rites performed at it. That doesn’t mean you can explore it. Posted or not, obey people’s privacy and the law; there’s no sense in spending the witching hour of Halloween in jail.

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How to go through the gates:

  1. Take West Main Street in Collinsville, Illinois east to Lebanon Road and turn left. Keep traveling it until you’re out of town. Soon you’ll come upon Gate #1.
  2. Shortly after Gate #1, Lebanon Road will turn to the right. You need to turn immediately to the left onto Lockman Road to find Gate #2.
  3. Go through Gate #2 and keep following Lockman Road. You’ll come to a place where the road seems to dip and go back up, part of it goes straight, the other turns right. Since you’ve been running parallel with the tracks on your right for a while, you’re going to turn right and find Gates #3 & 4 the “TWIN GATES.” Be careful of the curve coming out of Gate #4, it turns sharply to the right. When you turned right you started down Longhi Road.
  4. Keep going straight on this road. Longhi Road will run into and you will get back on Lebanon Road. Don’t worry, you won’t double back on a bridge, trust me. Keep following Lebanon Road past Heck Road, Bohnenstiehl Road, and Pense Acres. Shortly after Pense Acres turn left onto South Liberty Road. Follow this for a while and you’ll go through Gate #5.
  5. Just after Gate #5, South Liberty Road will run into W. Mill Creek Road, take that to the right. Gate #6 will appear briefly afterward.
  6. Keep following West Mill Creek Road over Scott-Troy/Troy-O’Fallon Road where it becomes East Mill Creek Road. Watch for Blackjack Road and take it to the left. Look next for Bauer Road and take it to the right. Follow Bauer Road and it will take you to Gate #7.
  7. Watch it! Just after Gate #7 Bauer road comes out onto Hwy 40 and now nearly into Troy, Illinois, so when making your turn around to make the escape, do it carefully. One really doesn’t want to see the Hell the LAW can create does one? Same goes for those starting in Troy and turning around at Gate #1 (your #7) as it’s fairly close to Collinsville. Have fun with the legend folks but don’t provoke the law.

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51 thoughts on “The Seven Gates of Hell”

  1. I was hoping for a pic of Acid Bridge. The bridge that I have been to was not very impressive, and it would be nice to have a visual of it. Nice article, midnight might make the difference, granted depending on when the legend started, midnight mean something other than 12am current time..

  2. As for Acid bridge, I could not locate the bridge. Everything I read points to Lebanon Rd. I believe this to be false, I found a bridge that is similar, but it is not the bridge I visited when I was younger. This bridge was a little more updated and had a little parking area near. Acid Bridge is a place I would like to find and visit, I think it is close to O’fallon. I could be wrong.
    I would like to get a small team together and do a little investigation at gates 3 and 4 for sure, at night, possibly midnight. Anyone interested goto our facebook, Nightfall Unlimited.

  3. My friends took me to the bridge once but it was dark and I have no idea how we got there. It’s similar to the gates but *covered* in spray paint. Less risk of getting caught with it being more out of the way I guess. It’s kind of cool.

  4. I know it’s been a year since this post, but I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. I grew up near Lebanon road, and spent a lot of time playing around abandoned houses and buildings left over from the old Glidden Mining Company. During my middle school years, almost daily, I would walk from (the overtly dilapidated) Glidden Park to Clay School Road. According to my mother’s family, Acid Bridge was on Lebanon road, and crossed Canteen creek, but it was removed and replaced between 2004-2006. I don’t remember the exact time line, but I do remember when it began and finished. The short version of the story is that particular bridge, was falling down, and dangerous anyway. There was a sharp curve in the road just before and after the bridge. Also, Laidlaw bus company complained that buses got stuck there in winter, routinely.

    As for the name, my mother told me it was because ACID was spray painted in big letter on the underside, and in the 70s it was a HS teen hangout, because there was ample parking near buy, as well as an abandoned junk yard near Jacob road.

    But, this may not be your Acid Bridge I found this in a search today.

    Does not look anything thing like my mother’s bridge, and not one tenth as creepy.

    1. thanks for reading, later I did infact find Acid Bridge further down Lebenon rd, it has changed over the past 10 years or so…
      thanks again for post and reading the article and if you haven’t check out the facebook page for updates

  5. Look, please do NOT go through the gates at midnight. There have been investigations done in the past and the gates are legit. they took individual gates and investigated them. One person did 1 and 3, 2 and 4, etc. However you won’t be transported to hell at the end. An idiot in their group took all 7 in order to see what happens. HE DIED. A portal opens and a demon offers you your heart’s desire. If you say yes, you die. It gets into your heart and takes over. Ridicule all you want, I don’t care. The Twin Gates are most dangerous. The reason it says midnight is you have to hit the final at the witching hour. It is a dangerous drive and you MUST take it slowly. It would take about 3 hours to do properly. They ARE DANGEROUS. Do Not Do This. You don’t want to join the legend or let a demon into this world.

    I beg you, don’t do it. People have died in the past. People will die again.

  6. Went by one of the gates tonight because I live extremely close to it and my best friend started crying……. Super creepy and I will b planing a trip through all 7 gates soon

  7. Acid Bridge is located on Black Jack Road. I have been out there on numerous occasions and never saw anything creepy that wasn’t created by my friends lol. Lots of good memories. My parents just bought land after gate 4. When my mom took me out to her new property I couldn’t help but laugh the whole time. It brought back a lot of good times with friends.

  8. I read this and all the comments, finding it so strange that the location of Acid Bridge has become so lost. Maybe it’s the gas prices, and kids don’t aimlessly drive back roads like they used to. I started driving in the mid 90’s, and nearly every night I would drive out Lebanon Rd to Rt 4, then back to Collinsville, just for something to do. We used to hang out at Acid Bridge sometimes, but usually we went to one of the rock piles, because they were more secluded. I would say I could also be mistaken, but everyone I have ever known from Collinsville, who went to high school in the 80’s and 90’s all refer to this bridge as “Acid Bridge.” One time a guy I knew who went to high school in the early 80’s took me on a b.r.t., and showed me all the old hang outs; he told me how on a weekend night, cars used to be lined all up and down Lebanon Rd, with people hanging out at Acid Bridge. Acid Bridge is the bridge crossing Silver Creek on Lebanon Rd, just before you get to Rt 4.

  9. I know this was posted awhile ago but if you’re willing to read the comments I have many stories. My mom grew up In troy and did these back roads in the 70s. Back then the cults did exists and they STILL do. They would throw animal blood on passing cars. I went out to the gates with some friends and acid bridge. As we got out we saw a man in a white Kkk type outfit growling at us from the woods. We then got chased off the road by a truck. These gates are NOT a joke. The cult still exists and they do rituals. Be careful. I also witnessed the white trash bags myself with remains.

  10. Close enough, but not really.
    The stories of the “7 Gates of Hell” started well after the legend of the “Gates of Hell”.
    It is difficult to know your way around those roads unless you live out there. As your directions point out, the 7 underpasses are not in fact located on Lebanon Rd as it is often said they are. Only one is. The stories about 7 gates starts because people realized, when they were searching for the gates, that there were more than one underpass out there on those dark winding roads. The Gates of Hell was at one of those underpasses, but people often found the wrong one. As such they invented stories about there being “7 gates”.
    The Gates of Hell were gates. Yes, actual gates, not underpasses. They were located right next to the underpasses you’ve numbered 3 and 4. You’ll see right after “4” a dirt road that leads through the trees. The gates were at the entrance to that road. Adding to the issue of finding the Gates is that there wasn’t always gates there and sometimes the “gates” hardly looked like something you’d call gates.
    It used to be a hang out spot, like acid bridge, but there is a lot more to its story. Acid bridge is called such because people did acid out there. Scary ass place to do acid, but that’s about it. You won’t likely find anyone, that knew the Gates as more than merely a hang out spot, willing tell you what went on at the Gates of Hell.
    Also: the “ruins” you describe between 2 and 3 were another hang out place. The overpass and other structures connecting it were taken down at some point in the 90’s if I recall correctly. The tracks atop were abandoned and you could get up there. It was a better hang out than the Gates simply because the house up the hill from the Gates (which I think is what you call the “death house”) was an older couple that tended to call the cops if there were too many people down there partying.

  11. If you go to GOOGLE EARTH, you can follow the directions given and each of the 7 gates are listed. If you click on the pushpin, you can get a picture of each gate (bridge).

  12. Acid bridge is on Lebanon road crossing silver creek almost to rt 4 you will know because it’s covered in spray paint… As far as the gates you can believe what ever you want but.. collinsville people know it’s always been at gates 3 and 4 that’s the way it’s always been and the old house that says stay out in the early 80s that old farmer shot a teenager for messing around on his property… That’s the hole truth take it or leave it…

  13. I have gone out to the gates a few times. I get teary eyed when I sense wierd things. And there were many times I sensed I was being watched. I also saw an orb of light in a field then it followed sus and went through the car. There were no other cars or lights around. Wierd things happen out there. Just depends if you believe or not

  14. There are a few variations to partaking in “The Gates.” The above map is the most common.

    There is also another variation which concludes by getting out of your car at the end. The last Gate is an actual gate, to a cemetery in fact. By now, I’m sure the gate is gone, but there is still a frame of sorts where the gate stood and that you can walk through. It is located on the back roads, just off the path described above. According to legend, you must walk through the final gate at midnight, after completing the previous 6. As you approach the gate, if you have completed all 6, everything stops. There is absolutely no noise; no wind, no crickets – nothing. Supposedly very creepy.

    Another variation is using all the gates described, but they’re in a different order. Gates 3 and 4 in this variation are actually used at the end. This particular variations takes literally all night to complete, some 4 – 5 hours.

    I’ve heard that there are variations that include getting out of your car, walking away from the road until you find tunnels or sewer drains, and that these are some of the gates. Apparently there is one off Pasch road, and according to legend that is another place where they had animal sacrifices.

    With that said, I just wasted 5 minutes of my time writing that, because I don’t believe in any of that stuff! I’m just passing along stuff I’ve heard. But it is cool to talk about, and they are definitely creepy.

  15. My understanding is the house was a kkk meeting spot. I remember the old acid bridge and also being chased off by 3 trucks peppering our tailgates with rock salt and bird shot.

  16. I’ve been out there many times at all times of the day and night. At night the creep factor goes way up. I don’t place any merit into the supernatural aspects of the gates. With that being said, I’ve had more than one strange occurrence back there. On one instance myself and a couple old buddies were out there just cruising. We drove in from collinsville and passed the old wharehouse. In my mind, it must have been around October. Clear and cool. We’d ride out and spray paint on the bridges, drink a few beers, just kinda soak up the creep factor. At the same location where the author heard the vehicle coming, myself and my 2 buddies heard a very loud truck coming down the road towards us. It wasn’t unnerving at first, but then we heard people yelling. The yelling was on both sides of the road and the truck never arived. The guy that was driving says “screw this, we’re outta here”. We all jump in the car, cruise down to the old farm house driveway, spin around since the road is tight everyplace else, and peel out laughing about it. As we crossed back through the 3rd bridge there was like an atmospheric shift. A night that was clear and cool was suddenly turned to a heavy fog bank. It was thick enough that it slowed our trip from 60 to 25mph. Within 50′ of entering the fog we hit an old junk tire in the middle of the road. It did no damage to the old nova we were in. But for the next 3 to 4 miles we dodged large articles of garbage in the road that weren’t there 30 minutes prior all of which were large enough to disable a vehicle. One of which being a whole toilet, tank and all standing up right in the middle of Lebanon road. This lasted from the 3rd gate nearly all the way back to town. But when we hit the area near what is now a park leading into town, we drove out of the fog and never saw another bank all night…there were other strange occurrences that night and I wish I could remember them all. I’ll have to get the fellas together and see if the story gets any better… I don’t believe in the supernatural. But strange happenings? I think so…

  17. From my many times through the gates when I was a teenager, we saw many things. The house with the blood red curtains, the child graveyard, crows hanging with string from trees, a lot of dead chickens, the old abandoned church that always had a candle burning inside, the barn where once you turn the corner headlights start to follow you, and lastly the actual end gate is truly an old gate to a cemetery. We went every Friday night, but that was over 20 years years ago.

  18. Rayzor here…Thank you all for checking out the article

    There are a few cemeteries around the gates.
    One is off the path and you come to a fork in the road, if you go right you move to gate 5, go left and there is an old cemetery time forgot and it has been taken by the forest.

    As for Acid Bridge it is down Lebanon Rd and we will bring an article too all of you, our loyal followers

  19. Stop,there are not seven gates of hell, It’s the gates of hell and like one man said the gates are by 3 and 4 all the spooky stories came about because that’s were all the teenagers would go to party, and the best way to keep people out is to scare the hell out of them, i grew up in Collinsville and we partied there every weekend and yes we would do all kinds of things to chase people off,I have been threw all seven overpass, and never seen anything, i have even gone threw 7 at midnight and the hell i went to was Troy, back then Troy was hell to people who lived in Collinsville.And as far the fog bank that was mentioned,That always happens in the summer time.So people stop thinking the supernatural is out there,it’s only teenager doing what they do.

  20. I grew up in Marissa in the 70s-80s even though only an hour away, I’ve never heard if these urban legends or truths. Very fun and creepy.

  21. I grew up near the “gates” and drove through them quite often when I was younger. It was always creepy, but only one did anything frightening happen. There are also rumors of gang activity out there. I’m not sure how true that is. However, once we were chased out of the “gates” by a beat up old car. It was driving so fast, basically touching our bumper. It was honking and flashing it’s lights at us. It was dark and I was driving with a car full of people. We were terrified. It eventually turn around and drove off. Bizarre.

  22. I went through there once, I ended up dying after going through all the gates, got through right about 12:01 A.M. WTF???? Yes it’s kinda cool to talk about this stuff but come on people, get real!

  23. We used to go threw the gates all the time. We once got chased by someone on a 4 wheeler. It was definitely scary at the time. We also used to go out to acid bridge and party all the time. I also remember one night my boyfriend at the time thought it would he fun to drive back there without his headlights on. It was stupid and not recommended.

  24. First of all I don’t want to degrade your research but…. Acid bridge is not part of the 7 gates. 1st gate Lebanon rd… 2nd gate is at Lebanon and Lockmann rd…. 3 and 4 are on Longhi rd….. 5 and 6 are on Mill creek and the 7th gate is off the beaten path and can only be found on foot anymore! There is a foundation to an old homestead right down the lane from he tressel though. Like every little town back then, stories were embellished to great lengths. Yes we have had drifters, kkk, gangsters and other questionable groups make short term stands here, and the legends were born! Here’s what an old farmer told me. Collinsville was originally a farming community that grew into a large mining area. Before the mines were largely established the RR built several EW routes and several NS routes which required the construction of many tressel bridges. More than seven. The main seven of legend ran from Collinsville to Troy. As the RR built these railways they also created many of the roads that eventually became the roads were so familiar with today. But back in the day farmers use to use these roads to get their crops back to town, and “farm hands” to the work their fields. Legend has it, as landowners would get these ” farm hands” and take them back to their farms, they would have to travel outside of town and pass under a certain number of these bridges. Apparently the more bridges you passed under and the further out you went, the worse the landowners were to their help. Hence the term ” THE GATES OF HELL”!!! Rumor has it that many farm hands were never heard from again!!! I’ve lived in Collinsville for over 50 yrs and between gate 2&3 for 20. I’ve walked the tracks, the roads and the back wood paths a lot and can’t explain everything I’ve heard, seen, and felt. I also have an old farm hand bunk house foundation and well on my property and it’s creepy as “HELL”

  25. is it true about a mental hospital back in the 1800 was built back in the gates of hell we use to go back there and it is weird at night we was always told about the mental hospital back there where they use to kill the mental people and bury them back there

    1. Debbie,
      No. There is clearing and a foundation (basement) of a house deeper in the woods back there. I don’t believe it was ever finished; there was nothing in nor around it that would suggest it was. The foundation would only have been large enough for a small house. Its likely why the road exists, though. The farmers that used the road could access the field from other directions if they needed just as easily. The foundation would have been there before the 80’s but that is all I know of it. I’ve never heard who began it nor why it was never finished.

    A class project done on site making up a “monster story” about it- we incorporated a twist on the legend of the ghost of acid bridge and some fiction to make it. Enjoy, it’s about 15 minutes long. I will say, there are some creepy people back there… it was weird making the trip several times!

  27. I live on Scott Troy right down from all these backroads & gates… I love to cruise through them on a nice day and check out what’s new around these places. Unique stuff dude.

    1. i lived on private property right next to the gates on mill creek road. I always realized how creepy the it was because the only way off our property was to pass through them. alleged ghosts weren’t what scared me, it was either wolves or the possibility of psychotic people just waiting to kill you. but I moved away so I never have to deal with the eerie parts about Collinsville’s backroads

  28. My friends and i spent time cruising the back roads in the early 80’s and the Gates of Hell was a favorite spot in autumn. We never experienced anything but it’s definitely creepy.

    Does anyone know if Tiedemann Cemetery is near the Gates?

  29. I lived between Gates 2 and 3, closer to Gate 3, back when I was in middle school and high school (I’m 48 now). My bus stop was right at Gate 2. I had to walk from home to the bus stop almost every morning and at certain times of the year it can still be pretty dark and creepy at that time of morning for a young girl to be walking alone out there! Well, needless to say I lived thruough it but I will admit I was scared out of my mind some mornings. Walking home in the afternoons were not so bad because it was daylight, of course. My friend and I used to walk our dogs together out there, too, and while I don’t have any unusual or scary experiences to share, I WILL say that the times we walked through Gates 2 and 3 just passing through……the creepy, wierd, scary feel in the air was beyond belief!

  30. Just went through the seven gates tonight. Hadn’t been able to locate them for a while but did my homework. I got lost a few times but made it through the 7th gate at 12:07 am. I didn’t go as slow as others did because I know I got to lebanon road shortly after 1130pm. Texted my buddy from gate 5 at 1148. Nothing major happened except seeing something swinging from gate 2, plus it felt very creepy driving down the road leading to the twin gates, which has its own creep factor. For a while leading up to gate 6 it sounded like something or someone was chasing me but I didn’t see anything.

  31. Forgot to mention that I got out of my car at the Twin Gates. Very creepy. I tried listening for water but I got out to take a pic of the graffiti. Somehow my flash got turned off so I started freaking out changing it, because I hate the dark. I got my picture..but i didn’t hear water like I read elsewhere. It just felt very very creepy and I kept hearing water dripping and it was getting closer to where i was standing. As if it was actually “someone” walking up to me..

  32. There’s people buried in that cemetery that…weren’t average Joes…anyone skeptical….prove your skepticism….u can’t Google a few families that are in that cemetery…but Troy and Collinsville have some real homework…there’s 2 common dates youll find….go on thise nights….. then take the drive…it ends at the cemetery…and then the real fun begins…

  33. There’s people buried in that cemetery that…weren’t average Joes…anyone skeptical….prove your skepticism….u can’t Google a few families that are in that cemetery…but Troy and Collinsville have some real homework…there’s 2 common dates youll find….go on thise nights….. then take the drive…it ends at the cemetery…and then the real fun begins..


  34. Do NOT go to the gates! I did and it changed my life forever.

    This all started about three years ago. My friend Joe (not his real name out of respect for his family) and I had heard rumors about the gates. We grew up in a small town just north of Troy on rout 4. Joe and I were about 28 years old when we first decided to check out the gates one fall afternoon.

    It was absolutely beautiful. The leaves where full of deep reds and bright oranges. It took us a while to find all 7 gates but we drove the rout a couple times that day. Listening to music and BS’s over old times. We stopped at gate 7 and grabbed the cooler out of the trunk. We climbed to the top of gate 7 and drank a couple cold beers.

    While drinking some beers on top of gate 7 we decided we would try to make this trip more often. Now that we knew the route, we should drive it at night.

    Nothing eventful happened that day Or even the next few times we crused the gates. We continued the new tradition every couple of months for the next year or so. Especially during the fall.

    Now, it’s pretty common to see other people cruising the gates, especially on the weekends. You’ll often see drunk teenaged causing trouble. We’ve even had people flag us over at night asking for directions to gate two. That’s why I never put much thought into what was about to happen.

    You see, we normally cruised the gates whenever we could. We never set a specific time but we were aware of the midnight witching hour nonsense. Or so we thought it was nonsense. Without thinking about it, we just so happened to be cruising the gates just before midnight one Saturday evening late spring last year.

    That night we cruised all the gates as usual
    Then we climbed to the top of gate 7 and drank a few beers on the tracks. About a half hour after we arrived, we seen two sets of headlights coming towards the gate from each direction. Neither car slowed down. We heard the noise of the head on collision from up top. We rushed down as fast as we could to see what happened. A pickup truck with two passengers and a small 4 door Toyota with three passengers, all dead by the time we got to the bottom. We called 911. There was nothing that could be done. The EMTs we completely in shock by the amount of damage. I never really thought much about it. But shit just kept getting weirder.

    A few weeks later, Joe, for some reason was really interested in going back to the gates. He was regularly texting me “hey, let’s cruse the gates tonight”. Almost to the point where it got annoying. But I went along but was still uneasy about the accident we had seen. Never the less, we loaded up the cooler and cruised the gates.

    Like normal, we started at gate one and ended the trip at gate 7 and finished the cruise with a few beers on top of gate seven. Sitting on the tracks Joe began to tell me that he has been having dreams about the five people we had seen die just a few weeks before. He didn’t say much more than that.

    The very next day he showed up at my house without calling or texting. He said life is to short and watching those five people die had made him question things about his own life. He said he needed to get out and need someone to talk to about his wife. I always thought things were good between them. But I decided to go. That’s what buddies do right. So we drove to the gates. The sun was still up when we left but it was pitch black by the time we made it to the top of gate 7 for our ritual beers. We drank for a few hours. We talked about life, family, friends, and relationships. Then out of the blue he told me more about his dreams.

    He told me those five people had been visiting him in his sleep. They were asking him for help. I was confused. I asked him what he thought it meant. But he only asked me for the time. I looked at my phone. It was 11:59 pm. I told him the time, he took a drink from his beer. Then it off no where, he took off in a sprint directly towards the edge of gate 7. Without saying a word or making a sound, he jumped from the bridge Head first. I ran after him, but was caught completely by suprise. I couldn’t stop him. Once I got to the edge, I looked down to see my childhood friend laying lifeless on the road below.

    I ran to the side and back down the hill to the road. I ran down the road to get to Joe as fast as I could. But where his body was laying, there was only a pool of blood. Joe was gone. He was no where to be seen. I looked around for an hour calling his name. There was no blood trail, no body.

    I called 911. The police thought I made the whole thing up. They questioned me for weeks after he dissappeared. His while still won’t speak to me. It’s been a year and no one has seen Joe since.

    So trust me. Stay away from the gates. I’ve seen the gates take 6 lives.

    1. Wow. I’m so sorry. I’m interested in hearing more. Could you add me on Facebook? I’m starting to investigate paranormal activity and want plenty of research before I go in.

  35. I have been through many times and have had the creepy factor a lot. This one time i took my mother and she freaked out after 3&4 and refused to continue. She said she felt like ahe was in a tunnel and there was no end. After she freaked out we did see headlights coming towards us but nuthing ever came by. I plan on going again and just wanted to share my creepy tale. I also travel to alton a lot im what u would call a ghost hunter. Lol some places up there should investigated.

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