NECA: Back By Popular Demand

Via Facebook recently NECA revealed they are bringing back two fan-favorite products out of discontinuation and back into your homes!

First up is the Aliens – Power Loader P-5000

From the thrilling 1986 movie Aliens!

Whether you’re loading heavy ordnance or fighting a terrifying alien queen, the P-5000 Powered Work Loader has the extra muscle you need to get the job done.

Now the iconic exoskeleton used so skillfully by Lt. Ripley is available as a Deluxe Vehicle that fits most 6.5-7” action figures.

NECA’s Power Loader P-5000 Deluxe Vehicle stands over 11” tall and features more than 30 points of articulation (including fully articulated arms and legs), 20 wires and hoses, working pistons and exceptional detail.

Figures sold separately.

The Power Loader P-5000 was originally released back in October of 2015. It now fetches a pretty penny on eBay so if you missed out on its initial release look no further!

The second of the two figures is nonother than RoboCop – ED-209 himself!

The future of law enforcement has arrived!

From the original RoboCopmovie, the Enforcement Droid 209 Series stands nearly 10″ tall and is totally in movie-accurate scale with NECA’s 7″ RoboCop figures (sold separately).

This is a massive figure and finally provides a worthy opponent for RoboCop.

ED-209 is fully poseable and incredibly detailed.

The figure has an articulated head, legs that slide up and down, hinged arm wing panels, and poseable cannon arms.

ED-209 also features movie-accurate sound effects and dialogue!

Press a button and hear hydraulic machinery sounds, the metallic growl “Warning: throw down your weapon. You have 15 seconds to comply” and more.

Packaging features original illustrations by Jason Edmiston.

Uses 3 button cell batteries, included.

The ED-209 was originally released back in January of 2014 and rereleased ounce before in May of 2017. Like the Power Loader, Ed-209 goes for a hiked up price on eBay as well.  Nowhere near as bad as the Powerloader 5000 but still here is your chance to get it at retail!

I’m super excited to finally have these in my collection and can’t wait to display, pose, and admire them.

Both figures are slated for a July 2019 re-release

Pre-order yours today at Off-Kilter Toys!

Also for a limited time if you pre-order ED-209 from Off-Kilter Toys before May 9th you’ll be entered into a chance to receive a free Neca 25th anniversary Spring loaded holster Robocop figure with your pre-order!


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