Review: Doomsday (2008)

I saw Doomsday a few years ago and it was pretty great.  Here is a review written some time after I had the chance to see Doomsday.

Doomsday is a 2008 British science fiction film written and directed by Neil Marshall. The film takes place in the future. Scotland has been quarantined because of a deadly virus. When the virus is found in London, political leaders send a team led by Major Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) to Scotland to find a possible cure. Sinclair’s team runs into two types of survivors: marauders and medieval knights. Doomsday was conceived by Marshall based on the idea of futuristic soldiers facing medieval knights. In producing the film, he drew from various cinema, including Mad Max and Escape from New York.  That is a short summary of what the movie is about, from wikipedia.

Well, let me a little honest, I found this movie in the $5 bin at Best Buy a few years ago and you can find the the Blu Ray on Amazon here..  I wanted to watch the film and see what it was all about.  I knew nothing about it, did not see a trailer, did not read reviews.  I saw the word “Doomsday” and looked at the cover of the dvd and thought, “I love post-apocalyptic films.”  This one is different, try Mad Max meets 28 days later then meets Escape from New York, but wait there are scenes from a medieval setting.  Yeah I know, sounds like one big cluster fuck, but infact it is a beautiful cluster fuck, kinda.  I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish, nothing was the same, everytime you went to a different location, it was like stepping into a different part of Englands timeline or just a really messed up timeline.


The movie starts 30 years ago when the “Reaper” virus first hits, then introduces some kind of urban, Resident Evil stars type team with Rhona Mitra as the lead.  Eventually they go into the infected zone and get captured by cannibalistic punks.  When I say punks I mean Sid Vicious, guys with pink mohawks and face tattoos.  then when they escape that, it’s off to a Scottish Castle for some Gladiator action.  After that a great car chace that is completly in the style Mad Max/George Miller.  That is all I can say about the movie as far as spoilers go.

Rhona Mitra as Major Eden Sinclair


I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a post-apocalyptic films.  It is pretty much a “love letter” to the movie like Mad Max or Escape from New York, but I think it stands alone on its on legs.  Rhona Mitra is great, I really do enjoy some kick ass woman and this probably helped to get her the role in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  I would love to see her in another kick ass role in more films.

The costumes, the look of the film, fantastic.  Each environment really looked believable, and some of the costumes, like Mitra’s team were pretty awesome.  The wasteland feel of Scottland was great, there was one guy on a motorcycle, and as a “hood ornament” a corpse.  The score by Tyler Bates was very, 28 days later.  He is responsible for some awesome movie score, Halloween(2007 remake), Conan the Barbarian(2011), Watchman(2009) and 300(2007).  But the music itself, lets just say check out the soundtrack, the score set the tone the music, perfectly fit the movie.

Lee-Anne Liebenberg as Viper, the wild woman

The characters, like I said Rhona Mitra, I love her very much.  But a few others really stuck out, like Sol, leader of the marauders was freaking nuts.  Malcolm McDowell as Marcus Kane, a former scientist was awesome, but when is he not.  Lee-Anne Liebenberg as Viper, her role is very small  but effective, and something about her…attracts me.  Yeah, I love a woman who can weild a sword, that is a picure of her on the left, oh and she weilds two swords.

So yeah, I liked this movie but cannot call it a 10.  It was very enjoyable maybe 8 of 10.  But I totally think anyone should see it. From other reviews I have read, you either love it or hate it.  I Recommended!!!  Oh and I will leave you with one thing…If you’re hungry, have a piece of your friend!

IMDB has a rating of 6.0

I give Doomsday a solid 7.0

Doomsday is streaming on Shudder

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