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Ok, so this is a thing. Harley Quinn is extremely popular and it makes sense to give her a series of her own.  She has a popular comic and Harley is getting, kind of her ownish movie in February, with the Birds of Prey.  This cartoon was said to be more for the adults, I guess similar to Titans and the Doom Patrol.  I am on board to a point with this, some of the DC Animated original movies seem more for adults and it isn’t so blatant.  This was over the top blatant.

So, we all know Harley, the Joker’s girlfriend, right?  Yeah she obviously can hold a story on her own and sometimes steals the show.  She did that in Batman the animated series and the Suicide Squad comic and movie.  Harley is a stand out.  I am not a huge fan, but I love see what she is up to, Gotham City Sirens was a great book that featured her, Poison Ivy and Catwoman and it ways, this show reminds me of that….but.

Right out of the gate, Harley Quinn over uses the word “fuck”.  I am no prude, but it felt like the show celebrated cuss words.  Everyone was “fuck this, fuck that”, even the plants said “fuck”.  To me, that is some lazy writing.  Do we need a superhero/villain show that has that much profane language, rather than making it a little more kid friendly?  I have a 6 year old daughter, who loves Harley, yeah I am not showing her this.  What happened to the days DC was all about empowering woman and little girls?  This is a joke.  The other thing, the amount of violence and gore in the show, wow…Between Joker and Harley, they kill probably 30 people, mostly goons and there is a face melt scene.  We do see Batman in a few scenes and Jim Gordon, who looks and acts like he is strung out on some kind of drug.  Easily the worst Jim Gordon I have ever seen.

The story was fine, it was the emancipation of one Harley Quinn.  It was great because it showed how abusive the Joker is towards her and how she can make it on her own.  I hated the voice acting this one, Kaley Cuoco has a terrible voice for Harley, her accent must be a thing of the past.  Lake Bell as Poison Ivy was bad.  Alan Tyduk was the Joker and for a very good voice actor, he was only serviceable.  I was very underwhelmed with this show and I think it is a bit of a waste.  There are 26 more episodes, I hope they tune down the amount of “fucks” in the show, it is just stupid.

This is a pointless show, that I am sure some will enjoy.  I don’t understand why DC/Warner cannot get anything right.  Casting Cuoco is so bad, worst Harley Quinn ever.  This show probably will get 1 season.  I don’t see why they didn’t give us a live action show, with the same story and tie it in to Titans.  This is all a budget thing or to stay away from having two live action Harley Quinns out there with Birds of Prey coming and Margot Robbie being Quinn.  She is physically Harley 100%, only ok overall.

This show overall, is ok.  I will continue to watch it, it may get better, may get worse.  Right now, I am extremely disappointed.  We don’t see Marvel stoop to this level of “fucks”.  Tone it down DC.  Shows like Batman the Animated series which is timeless and even Young Justice work so well and don’t need to added “fucks”.  Not to mention, the DC animated movies are very good without the added “fucks”.  Maybe it was a a regret in hiring of Kayley Cuoco, who is simply terrible, she makes Harley just another character in taking the accent away.

So, watch it if you want.  Curious to see what you think.

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