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Batman Arkham Asylum was one of the best games I have played to date.  When Arkham City was released it was highly anticipated for me and it delivered.  I really enjoyed the Arkham Origins, with the exception of the fight with Deathstroke, he was by far one of the hardest boss fights of all time, well until this game.  Well they are not really boss fights, but there are some tough moments.

So lets talk about Arkham Knight, I was so hyped up for this game, I bought the Xbox One knowing this game was coming out.  Jumping in, it was Batman Arkham for sure.  The controller set-up was different, but for good reason.  I did jump in thinking it was the same and trying to use Detective Mode by hitting LB, it was moved to up on the D-pad.  But these are minor complaints.  But getting into the game it was all Arkham, it was good to be back, until….

The Bat-mobile…

The dreaded Bat-mobile.  Yep this seemed like a good idea at the time, but honestly when I found out the Bat-mobile was going to be in use in this game, I was worried.  I was worried for all the right reasons.  There is too much Bat-mobile in this game.  Batman relies on his “tank” too much.  The Riddler has different challenges that are all about the Bat-mobile.  Spoiler, there is a mission to save Catwoman from Riddler and there are a few, very difficult races, time trials to get to the next point.  Not much for a riddle, but the riddle parts are great.  The other part is the amount of fire power the Bat-mobile has, wow.  When you hit a person while driving it electrocutes the person, never mind you hit them at 100 MPH and sent them flying, yeah Rocksteady, odds are, they died anyway.

In the game, the Arkham Knight is helping Scarecrow take Gotham City.  Throughout Gotham there are these unmanned drones and there are so many of these things it is just too unrealistic.  There times you take on up to 30 of these drones, they do come in waves.  My isssue, I have never been good at racing or games with a lot of driving missions.  But even so, Batman mostly uses the Bat-mobile for transport, it works for the story.  But I am sure they worked the story around the Bat-mobile.  There are so many other things that just seem like bull crap, the only times I raged out were with the Bat-mobile.

The rest of the game is great, like I said before, it is a Batman Arkham game.  The combos, the gadgets and detective mode it is all there.  Some great side quests with the Rogues Gallery are mixed in.  The main story line isn’t bad, possibly the weakest of the four games.  I did like the focus on the Scarecrow and the mysterious Arkham Knight, which I had a theory then entire time and I was correct.


The Arkham Knight knew who Batman was the entire time, the way he talked to Batman.  The Arkham Knight is Jason Todd.  During the game Batman sees the Joker in his head and we see these fear induced images of the Joker and flashbacks of Jason Todd.  The Joker is dead, but Batman hallucinates that he is there, it is amazing.

The game plays like the others and if you want a challenge, this is for you.  Most people who have played the Arkham series are going to play this anyway,but I would suggest it to nearly everyone.  There are things missing that bother me, like from Arkham Origins, the re-creating crime scenes is basically gone.  I really think this was a great game overall, the Bat-mobile was a challenge and maybe that is what these games needed.  

It seems like this is the end of the Arkham series, based on the ending, which I will not spoil.  If it is the end, it is not fitting.  The game actually sets up a lot of different things, including new/old villains like Manbat and the kill off Poison Ivy.  But some things could be explored in a game that takes place before Arkham Asylum and after Arkham Origins, maybe drop Arkham from the title.  The Batman Arkham games are some of the best in video games and I’d like to see Rocksteady maybe turn focus to a different Super Hero, like Superman, with the gliding mechanics in these games and the combat, yes Superman could happen.

I will say, this is probably the weakest in the series, but totally worth playing.  I do plan on going through one more time, if I can handle the Bat-mobile.  I wish there were a way to bypass, same with Deathstroke in Origins.  This could be my favorite video game series of all time, well maybe Assassins Creed or Gears of War, but these are the best Batman games and possibly the best super hero game.

One last thing I need to address, the Red Hood DLC was terribly short.  I have not gotten to play the Harley Quinn DLC, which I hope touches on her possibly pregnancy from Arkham City, the story did not, unless I missed something.  But the Red Hood DLC is very short, three total parts of the DLC and took me possibly 15 minutes to complete.  I hope the Batgirl DLC that is coming soon will be longer, maybe a couple of hours like DLC should be.  The Red Hood DLC was cool, just too short.  It was good to see one of my favorite characters get some respect.

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