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This is it the final movie in the Dark Knight Trilogy.  But before I start I want to mention the tragic act that happened in Aurora, Colorodo.  It is a terrible thing that some madman can bust into an entertainment venue and shoots the place up and kills people.  Terrible and it makes me feel unsafe in a place where we pay to have a good time.

As far as the movie, I actually loved the movie.  After being completely critical of the Dark Knight, I was apprehensive going into The Dark Knight Rises.  But of course things changed, I saw the trailers and began reading a lot of my Batman comics and became excited again.  But not the point I was with the Dark Knight.  Spoilers if you have not seen the Dark Knight, Harvey Dent/Two-Face is my favorite of Batman’s rogues, they killed him off.  The movie seemed to build to something big and it came down to the ferries.  The rest of the movie I am fine with, well not a big fan of the recast of Rachel Dawes.

The Dark Knight Rises begins eight years after the day of Harvey Dents death.  Bruce Wayne is now a recluse and walks with a cane.  He meets Selina Kyle while she is robbing him and it begins to get him back into the game.  He gets back into the game and it is fantastic.  It has been eight years but seems like no time has passed.  When you see Batman back in costume it just gives you this feeling and you want to begin to cheer and most of the people in the theater did cheer.  The build up of Bruce Wayne just existing in the world rather that being a part of it, then becoming a part of it, was great.

I am going to break down a few characters starting with how awesome I thought Bane was in the film.  Well from the beginning to the end of the film Bane really killed for me.  He was no nonsense, not empathy except for one character.  When he was one screen he looked great and menacing.  Watching him fight Batman the first time I felt nervous, mostly because I expected what was to come.  Selina Kyle was great, she pretty much acted like she was not impressed by Batman, but clearly she was.  And she played it cool the entire time.  I would have to say the possibly my favorite depiction of Selina Kyle to date.  Bruce Wayne felt different in this movie, he was a recluse from the beginning, but after he meets Selina for the first time, she seems to put a lot of pep in his step not seen in any of the films.

This movie again failed to focus on Batman, only showing in for three big action sequences.  They made sense and I do understand why, but in a Batman film, I wanna see more Batman.  Unlike the Dark Knight, no one stole the show, there was no once in a lifetime performance, like Heath Ledger.  I found myself in enjoying seeing, Batman, Bane and Selina Kyle on screen when they were on screen, but not looking forward to seeing them again like Ledger as Joker.  If someone asked me about the villains and who had the best performance in the trilogy, I would say Heath Ledgers, Aaron Eckhart and Anne Hathaway.  I hate to beat a dead horse but, Bane’s voice really hurt the performance, his body language was great, but not being able to understand everything he had to say, well sucked.  It seemed to be important the things he has to say, just like Batman.  You think they would have learned from The Dark Knight about voices, even Batman’s was bad again.

Without spoiling too much, the we all know there is going to be a knock down drag out fight between Batman and Bane.  There were two of them and both were brutal and hard hitting and the first delivered exactly what I wanted to see on screen since the early 1990s.  It was great, we saw the Joker push Batman to his limits, mentally, while Bane did so physically, brilliant.

There were some firsts for me in this movie.  Near the end of the movie I found myself tearing up and fealt like a child.  I remember at the end of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, I cried, knowing it was the end.  I know more Batman will come, but the ending was perfect for me and really was the only way to end the series.  I did cry, thank you Michael Caine!  First time I have ever been that emotional about a “superhero” film.

Oh man, there is so much I could spoil, so I am going to stop with my review.  Do not let the acts of a madman stop you from seeing this movie.  As Alfred said in The Dark Knight, some men just want to see the world burn.  I think this guy just wants to be remember and unfortunately will be linked to the Dark Knight Rises forever.  But don’t let that stop you from going.  It is a great movie, great passing, cast was great and really brought a great close to the trilogy.  It would probably be my favorite of the series, but second best to the Dark Knight.  I will say this, in closing, Christopher Nolan is one hell of a director and an extremely smart director.  I am glad this chapter in the history of Batman is closed. has a ranking of 8.4

I give the Dark Knight Rises 7.5


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