Trilogy Time! Binging the Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Now that The Rise of Skywalker is on Blu Ray and digital, it was time to sit back and watch each movie back to back.  The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.  I have done this with both the Original Trilogy and the Prequel trilogy many times, but now it is time to do it will all three sequels.  It is no secret that I am not a fan of the Last Jedi, for many reasons, the treatment of Luke, poor choreography and just a lazy story that in now way is different from the other movies, except Luke, he is different.  But, I have come to accept that it is a thing and a part of the Star Wars saga.  I can never be one of these, “My saga ends at Return of the Jedi” types.  If you are, that is your thing and its fine.  I am not.  I really do not like the Last Jedi, but I am done being negative, well in this article.

So, I shared these on my personal Facebook feed after viewing each installment.  So, I am going to share what I wrote for each movie, unedited.  So, please understand that.  Enjoy.  First up is an image of my Blu Rays and a Star Wars The Force Unleashed figure from the early 2000s and it is beyond me why this line died.

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens (2015)

Ok, things I love about the Force Awakens

– Kylo Ren’s entrance is nearly as cool as the first time we meet Vader

– Poe and Finn…all of it

– X-Wing battles look great

– the ferocity of Kylo Ren while using his lightsaber (I want a Kylo lightsaber)

– Takodona and Maz’s castle

– BB8

– Han and Kylo on the bridge still hurts but post Rise of Skywalker, it has more weight and it’s far more emotional.

– the lore and legend of Luke Skywalker

There are things I don’t like, I’m not big on Rey. She is ok. The First Order is meh and not as terrifying as the Galactic Empire.
This is a fun movie overall. It was a great way to bring Star Wars back after a 10 year film hiatus.
I also do not like Han, Leia and Luke are not together for one scene…That was a missed opportunity.

Next up…the dreaded…

The Last Jedi

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi (2017)

The Last Jedi…Most know I do not like this one and I do think it is the worst if the entire series.
But, there are things I like.

JJ should have been hired for all 3 movies, writing and directing.

– When Poe lands his X-Wing in the hangar…cool shot

– When Luke sneaks onto the Millennium Faclon and R2 tries to change his mind.

– Snoke’ death scene and the moment of hope for Ren.

– Throne Room scene, even if one of the guards splits his weapon in two and one piece disappears before our eyes, which could have landed the killing blow to Rey.

– Lightsaber force tug-o-war was cool.

– the score call back when the Millennium Falcon is being chased through the planet during the battle of Crait.

– The abuse of Hux by Snoke and Kylo Ren

There are many things I don’t like. But, I won’t discuss them. I’ve done it. I will say…any question of timeline is destroyed if you watch this right after the Force Awakens. It is moments after TFA and I know some don’t understand.

Rian Johnson can shoot a movie, this is a pretty movie and filmed well…It’s too bad he is a self declared “lazy writer”.

I still don’t like this movie for many reasons…but its there and I guess I accept that.

On to the Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

The Rise of Skywalker
I like this one, regardless of the issues.
Things I love

– Kylo Ren on Mustafar, I would have liked to see more, Vader’s castle.

– Rey, floating and trying to commun with past Jedi.

– Poe “Everything’s on fire”

-Rey, Poe and Finn…all 3 together for the bulk of the movie.

– Lando’s entrance and telling them to send Leia his love. Lando should have appeared on Canto Bight in the Last Jedi.

– Zorii Bliss

– Babu Frik

– C3P0 had a bigger role.

– Janna

– lightsaber battle on the Death Star

– Han and Ben

– Force Ghost Luke “What are you doing?” and raising the Xwing, should have happened in the Last Jedi.

– There are more of us Poe…

– The voices of the Jedi

– Poe fishing for a kiss from Zorii

– The lightsabers of the Skywalkers

This is miles better and much more of a mess than the Last Jedi. I like it. The Force Awakens was such a strong jumping point, it was familiar, fun and emotional. I think too many hands were in the pot on this series and it was severely miss managed. If JJ would have written all 3, with co-writers, I do think this series would have been much better. But…It made Disney a ton of money and that was the entire point of their purchase.

The Force Awakens was fun…The Last Jedi was not, the Rise of Skywalker was fun…regardless of the corner JJ was painted in.

I still think Return of the Jedi was a better ending to the saga.

I’d love to see more, it seems like there wasn’t enough with this cast.

I think in 10 years, these 3 movies will be still debated and looked at as a low point for Star Wars…But really, that depends on what the future holds…

It was fun watching them all back to back…

Well, that ends my log of my Facebook messy writings.  I do think the Last Jedi can be ignored all together thanks to The Rise of Skywalker.  Having all the movie written by different writers and directed by three, then two directors was meant for disaster.  Some love all three, some hate Rise, some hate the Last Jedi and there are plenty who gave up with the Force Awakens.  This series, probably didn’t need to ever happen and I believe it would have never been good enough, like the prequels.  The one good thing, the prequels look much better than they did in 2014.  I am a fan of the prequels, so no complaints here.

So, just for fun, here are my favorite Star Wars movies.  11 to 1, yes included are Solo and Rogue One.

Thanks for reading!  May the Force Be With You!


11. The Last Jedi
10. Attack of the Clones
9. Solo – Star Wars Story
8. The Force Awakens
7. The Phantom Menace
6. The Rise of Skywalker
5. Return of the Jedi
4. Rogue One – A Star Wars Story
3. Revenge of the Sith
2. The Empire Strikes Back
1. A New Hope

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